Finding Your Happy Place!

Isn’t that what life is really all about? Our clients find their happy place in a bunch of different ways. Here are an idea for our fitness minded clients.


Start with some cardio in our gym (located in the lower level). Get at least 5-10 minutes on a bike, treadmill or elliptical. We have them all and it’s included with your admission.

Now that you’re warmed it’s time for the main event:

10x Burpees

8-12 Reps Chest Press

8-12 Reps Tricep Pull Down

8-12 Reps Seated Row

Repeat 3-4 Times

Now you’re ready for for an hour in Spa. After a quick shower, head into the steam room, mist sauna, or hot tubs. Not only did you get a great workout, but your recovery will faster from all that soaking and relaxing!

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Korean Spa Fairy Godmothers Exist

Korean Spa Fairy Godmothers are notoriously unreliable in everyday situations. They tend to appear with little to no warning, especially in situations where some assistance would be gladly accepted, but instead they usually offer suggestions for your general well being. If you encounter a Korean Spa Fairy Godmother it probably means you're having a bad day. The best course of action is to remain calm and book your next appointment at Century Day & Night Spa as soon as possible.

First Timer's Guide

A lot of people ask, "What is the best service for a first timer?" Here are a few customer favorites that are sure to standout.

Body Scrub

You simply can't go wrong with a Body Scrub. It's the perfect way to exfoliate your skin and you'll leave feeling clean, refreshed and super smooth! Body Scrubs are enjoyed equally by both our male and female customers and a great first timer's choice.

Body Scrub + Oil Massage

Alright, now that you have the body scrub down why not pair it with the perfect massage. This is by far our most popular service. In addition to your body scrub how does a 60 minute massage sound? Perfect. 




The Co-Ed Spa Experience

Jim Jil Bang is a co-ed (clothing required) spa experience found at Century Day and Night Spa. Once you check in, you'll be given proper attire to change into before heading upstairs to start your adventure. Our Jim Jil Bang experience includes 4 hot saunas, an ice room and community nap area with heated floors throughout. It's the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing day with friends or your significant other. Jim Jil Bang is free with your spa admission, but you'll need to make sure to ask for the proper attire when you check in. See you in the spa!

Mineral Salt Room (Jim Jil Bang, Century Day & Night Spa)

Mineral Salt Room (Jim Jil Bang, Century Day & Night Spa)